Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about what we're doing, and how our furniture might fit into your home. Questions are good, and we enjoy receiving them. If you can think of anything not covered here, drop us a mail at Custom Ply Furniture, and we'll get back to you.

What do you do?

We make custom plywood furniture, in whatever size you need it. Every piece of furniture can now perfectly fit the space it sits in. There is no such thing as too big or too small. Every piece of furniture you buy is made to your exact dimensions, accurate to 1 centimetre.
So, we make everything here, in every size.

How do you do that?

We use the latest web technology to take your order online, then we use the latest manufacturing technology to automatically cut the parts for your furniture. When the parts are cut, we add the fastners and fittings needed to assemble them, before packaging up ready for their journey to you.
Our story is one of combining technologies to benefit you, our customer. Factories have used computer-controlled equipment for years to reduce their costs. We are using that same equipment to give you one-off pieces of furniture where others can only sell you what they have already made.

How long does it take?

Processing your order is immediate, and our machines spring into life soon afterwards. Our customers typically receive their furniture between 8 and 20 working days after ordering. If you need a more accurate estimate of leadtime before ordering, drop us a mail...

Do you make commissions? Can I suggest a new product?

Yes to both of these questions. We can make most furniture, and we aim to regularly grow our range. If you can help us by suggesting the furniture you need, and explaining why it's important to you, we can investigate creating designs and adding them to our range. Drop us a mail, and possibly some doodles of your idea to: Custom Ply Furniture.

What thickness of material do you use?

Our standard material thicknesses are 6mm, 12mm, and 18mm, depending on the application. There is efficiency in buying larger volumes of a smaller range of thicknesses. For this reason, where possible we keep to our standard materials.

Is your furniture delivered fully-assembled?

The prices you see on the website are for self-assembly flat-packed kits. These are all custom-made to your sizes, and assembly is simple to do, using many of the same fasteners you would recognise in IKEA. We also offer a “deliver and build" service, the price of which depends on the item and delivery location. Get in touch at Custom Ply Furniture if you need any more details...

Does your furniture come ready-finished with varnish or paint?

No, the furniture we ship does not have a paint or varnish finish. Most customers prefer to tailor their furniture when they receive it. Some customers add a clear varnish finish, while others add painted designs. Some even leave the furniture completely uncoated, which leaves the smell of fresh birch plywood to drift through the home.

We make Custom Ply Furniture.

Any thing. Any size.